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Afghan Hound Puppies for sale in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

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Find Online Afghan Hound Puppies Price in in Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Pet Buy is the ethical place and Best Pet Company to buy, sell, and adopt Afghan Hound puppies near you. It's India's popular free pet advertising hub in in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, the all top pet store and pet products resource for Pet lovers & dog breeders all over in in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.... Buy Afghan Hound Puppy Online in in Ahmedabad, GujaratGet Health-certified Afghan Hound puppies for sale online in in Ahmedabad, GujaratWe offer healthy, purebred KCI-certified Afghan Hound Puppies in in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, available online near you. Pet Buy serves as an online Pet shop for Afghan Hound in in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. You can buy, sell, and adopt Afghan Hound Puppies online from verified dog breeders near you. We're proud of our high-quality dogs in in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We excel in shipping and can arrange safe transportation for your Puppies to your home. Call us today at +91 9911293906 for any pet-related queries.

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Afghan hounds for sale in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Adorable Afghan puppies will be available for purchase soon. Would you be interested in bringing a charming Afghan Hound puppy into your home? To make an informed decision, you must be aware of the approximate price of Afghan Hound puppies. To what extent can you increase your ROI? There will be an in-depth discussion of all the factors that influence the price. The Position of Breeders A premium price is reasonable when buying a puppy from a reputable breeder that cares about their babies' health and happiness. Find an Afghan Hound breeder that has a history of producing healthy, happy pups.

You should think about how purchasing puppies from a reliable in Ahmedabad, Gujarat breeder

might help you save money on potential vet expenses down the road. Family tree and genealogy: Puppy prices for Afghan Hounds tend to be higher than average due to the breed's illustrious lineage. Healthy, smart, and typically behaving puppies are more likely to be born into these litters. Think on what qualities are most important to you in a pet, and then choose one that reflects those qualities. Tests for positions in medicine and other professions Breeders who really care about their pups will check for symptoms of hereditary diseases. Puppies that have breed certifications from reputable organizations, like the Kennel Club of India, could make people feel better about themselves.

Obtaining puppies from a respectable breeder that has been health certified should be your first priority if you care about the welfare of your future companion. Market forces The demand for Afghan Hound pups in your region will dictate the going rate for these puppies. Puppies of the Afghan Hound may cost more in regions where they are less prevalent. If puppy costs are higher than normal where you live, try extending your search to find a more budget-friendly choice. The cost of a new Afghan Hound puppy may vary widely depending on a number of factors, including the breeder's reputation, the puppy's pedigree, the results of any necessary health tests, and local demand. You may increase the likelihood of welcoming a healthy, happy puppy into your house and reaping the benefits of its company for many years by doing your homework and selecting an educated Afghan Hound puppy. The increased expense is more than justified by the happiness and company a purebred Afghan Hound puppy brings into the home. Please accept my best wishes while you search for a dog.In the in Ahmedabad, Gujarat future, you can purchase a cute Afghan puppy. Are you open to the idea of welcoming a cute little Afghan Hound puppy into your house?

You need to know how much Afghan Hound pups cost in order to make a smart choice. What are some ways to maximize your return on investment? All of the variables that affect the cost will be discussed in detail. Breeders' Standing When purchasing a puppy from a respectable breeder that prioritizes the well-being of their puppies, you can expect to pay a premium price. You should look for an Afghan Hound breeder that has a track record of having healthy, happy puppies. Think about how buying pups from a trustworthy local breeder could help you save money on potential medical bills. Ancestry and family tree: Generally speaking, the pedigree and pedigree of a champion Afghan Hound puppy will command a premium price. Puppies from these litters are more likely to grow up to be intelligent, healthy, and characteristic of their breed. Consider the traits you value most in a puppy, and then choose one whose lineage mirrors your values. Medical and professional certification exams When caring breeders inspect their puppies, they look for signs of inherited disorders. Puppies having breed certificates from respected organizations, such as the Kennel Club of India, may inspire more self-assurance. If you are concerned about the well-being of your future pet, you should prioritize getting pups from a reputable breeder that has passed health certification tests. Supply and demand How much interest there is in Afghan Hound puppies in your area could determine their price. In areas where the Afghan Hound is not as common, the cost of a puppy could be higher. Find a more budget-friendly alternative by expanding your search if you are in an in Ahmedabad, Gujarat where puppy prices are higher than average. Overall, the reputation of the breeder, the puppy's family tree, the outcomes of any required health tests, and the demand in the in Ahmedabad, Gujarat future are some of the variables that may impact the price of an Afghan Hound puppy. If you do your research and select a knowledgeable Afghan Hound dog, you have greater likelihood of bringing a happy, healthy puppy into your home and enjoying its company for a long time Petbuy. The joy and affection offered by a purebred Afghan Hound pup more than make up for the higher initial investment. Best of luck for you as you seek for a dog!

Frequently asked questions ! Afghan Hound Puppies for sale in Ahmedabad, Gujarat


Life Span: 12–15 years 

Height: Adult Male  68–74 cm ( At the withers)
                      Adult Female: 63–69 cm (At the withers) 

Weight: Adult Male  7–34 kg 
                       Adult Female 23–30 kg

Size: Large Breed


Information on Afghan Hound puppies: 

A as big breed of dog, the Afghan Hound is graceful, has a silky coat, and is polite. This ancient Afghan mountain dog breed is one of the oldest. 


Afghan Hounds are thousands of years old. This breed was breed by Afghan nomads to hunt enormous animals in the hard mountains. Speed, agility, and sharp eyesight made them good hunters. 

Personality traits: 

Afghan Hounds are independent and sometimes aloof. They are loving with family but nervous around strangers. Despite their serious exterior, they may be humorous and fun with trusted people. 


Regular grooming maintains Afghan Hounds' long, lustrous coats. To avoid tangles and matting, they brush everyday, bathe, cut their nails, and brush their teeth. They should also have their ears cleaned periodically to avoid infections. 

At least 1 to 2 hours of daily exercise are needed to keep these dogs healthy and happy. They love running and playing and need mental and physical stimulation. 


Afghan Hounds are healthy but can develop hip dysplasia, cataracts, and hypothyroidism. Regular veterinary visits are essential for their wellness. A balanced diet and appropriate weight are essential to preventing obesity-related health issues. 

Are you searching for pure breed Afghan Hound puppies ? 

Look no further! Pet Buy Shop provides Afghan Hound lifespan, height, and weight facts to help you understand and appreciate them. We provide accurate and informative Afghan Hound puppy information. We want to be your Afghan Hound resource, whether you're a longtime fan or a new owner. 

Our Indian online pet business, "Pet Buy," sells Afghan Hound puppies. Buy, sell, and adopt Afghan Hound puppies from local breeders on our website. 

You can buy, sell, and adopt Afghan Hound pups in your area from India's most ethical store. We provide travel, food, and services for the most popular breed and are the most reliable source of information for pet enthusiasts and dog breeders worldwide. 

In India, Afghan Hound health certificates can be purchased online. KCI-certified, healthy pure breed Afghan Hound puppies are offered online in India. India is proud of its remarkable dog development. We are experienced in shipping and can safely transfer your dogs to your home. 


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The price of an Afghan hound in India can start at ₹60,000 and go as high as ₹4,000,000. Considerations such as coat color, breed, region, age, size, pedigree, and breeder's reputation all contribute to the vast price range.
Despite Afghan Hounds' gentility and reserved behavior, their sensitivity and independence mean they might not be a suitable companion for energetic toddlers or young children. With the right kind of socialization, they can learn to get along with other animals.
Afghan Hounds need to be active every day to stay healthy and happy. They usually need to go for walks every day and be able to run in a safe place. They have a reasonable amount of energy and like to get active every once in a while.
Because of their distinct personality and tendency to be reserved, Afghan Hounds can be difficult to teach. To successfully train them, you need to be patient, consistent, and use positive reinforcement techniques.
To keep their beautiful coats in perfect condition and free of matting, Afghan Hounds require frequent brushing. Their long, flowing coat requires regular brushing and a full grooming treatment once weekly to stay in good shape.
Once a year is the very minimum for veterinary checkups in Afghan Hounds, although more frequent visits may be necessary as the dogs become older or if any health problems develop. Their general health and well-being can be better assured with regular visits to the vet.
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